Advice for your system

Advice for your system


  • Extraction of the old vineyard with elimination of all residues of the previous crop.
  • Evaluation of nutritional status through chemical-physical analysis, to be able to make a correct fertilization of the bottom and the choice of rootstock.
  • Soil processing in the correct time by carrying out specific operations with temperate soil.
  • Withdrawal of the cuttings a few days before the plant to allow the roots to be immersed in water for 12-24 hours before the implant. This is to encourage a gradual acclimatization and rehydration after storage in a refrigerator (2 ° C).

If it is necessary to keep the boxes, it is recommended to keep them in rooms at a controlled temperature avoiding leaving open boxes.

Table showing the days of conservation * at a given temperature:

Temperatur (° C) 1 – 3 4 – 8 9 – 13 14 – 18
Days 90 20 10 5

*closed box

  • It is possible to shorten the roots depending on the implant mode.
  • Fertilization in the planting hole is not recommended during the planting of rooted cuttings.
  • Keep the graft point 5-8cm above ground.
  • Compress the soil around the roots
  • Perform localized irrigation after implantation.
  • Following the budding of the rooted cuttings, the normal corporate cultural practice must be followed. Remember that on fresh leaves, in addition to the appearance of symptoms of downy mildew, there may be damage from mites and thrips that must be adequately treated in order not to slow down the development of the sprouts.