The farm

01. quality

For over 60 years a wide selection of rootstocks and clone selections, native local and international, in line with individual needs and diversified pedoclimatic environments


Since 1955 the nurseries have guaranteed a high standard of quality thanks to the artisanal work and the great organization of all the members of the cooperative

03. consulting

The concrete help of specialists in the sector, competent and dedicated, who will be able to solve the various problems related to the plant and the growth of the cuttings


Ancient and strong roots

It comes from a natural disaster the Trentino’s horticultural nursery, that, due to the advent of phylloxera, finds ways and capabilities to recover and find new solutions and techniques.

In the early twentieth century was born the Agricultural Institute of S. Michele all’Adige, which prepares the young students of the technical school, the practice of multiplying and grafting the vine.

At the same time, the first wine growers were born in Padergnone, many of whom are still members of the Vivai Cooperativi of Padergnone.

The Cooperative Nursing of Padergnone now has about thirty members that working near Padergnone; they give as it is possible the support and the updated consultancy with the new acquisitions, a wise and an old-experience.

The members follow the directives given by the management: which varieties to graft, on which grafts and how many of that. All the operations,  from the collection of the buds to the extirp of the cuttings, passing

through the practice of the graft itself, are carried out by the single member.

The health of the cuttings, that is the strength of the Vivai Cooperativi of Padergnone, is the reason of the more and more acclaim and recognition both in Italy and abroad. Next to the careful control of each single phase, there are also the sample health tests which, every year, are made to verify the absence of the main viruses and diseases.

among the most acrredit companies in Italy

Social responsibility towards the territory

Thanks to his work, it is possible to preparing the young students of the technical school to practice multiplying and grafting the grapevine. In this period the first viticultural nurserymen were born in Padergnone: many of the members are today the same and they transmit the old traditions.
Only in 1955, thanks to the work of the most enterprising nurserymen, who wanted to meet the new requirements, that they made the Vivai Cooperativi of Padergnone.
The cooperative is a vine nurseries that operates in full awareness of its social responsibility towards the territory and all the interlocutors so, for this reason, among the companies in the same sector, it is the one of the most important in Italy.


Strength points

Direct contact

Visits to the farm, for the choice of the variety, clone and rootstock


In contact with the major research centers we provide the best clones for quality productions

Technical assistance

Surveys for analysis and control for corporate mass selection

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